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HD, 52/70 min. 2014


What is inspiration? Where does it come from and is it possible for it to be consciously evoked? The film speaks about the search for one’s identity through experimental and improvisational creation.

Authors: Priit Pääsuke ja Mart Taniel

Producer: Priit Pääsuke

DOP’s: Mart Taniel, Erik Põllumaa

Sound recordist: Priit Pääsuke

Sound designer: Rainer Jancis

Editor: Priit Pääsuke

Production: Luxfilm

Financed by: Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Cultural Endowment

Narva mnt. 72-1, 10127 Tallinn, Eesti,, +372 52 04780, +372 55 59 5847, +372 5111944